In January 2013, I decided to put together a blog to discuss topics I found interesting.  At the time, it was the only way I was able to continue exploring my interests.  I wanted to pressure myself to continuously improve upon the quality of previous posts while learning how to operate WordPress.  It was also important that this blog remained public, open to criticism and debate.  Today it is only too early to find your echo chamber.

               More information about me can be found on my LinkedIn.  Other contact information is also listed in my Gravatar profile on the homepage.  Please remember, this blog is a hobby of mine.  I am restricted by time and other responsibilities, just like you.

               Since the creation of this blog, new categories have been introduced to organize the posts.  Generally the content can be described as developmental economics in the Western Hemisphere.  Agriculture, logistics and social developments are included as they pertain to the economy.  My goal is to keep this blog “apolitical”.  Articles listed come from a variety of sources and are chosen based on the information they provide.

              The language component of the blog really serves two goals: it reaches out to an external audience and it helps force me to write in these other languages.  Currently this is one of the few ways I am able to “preserve” this language skill set.  The intention is not to unnecessarily complicate the reading or to be pretentious.  Recently I have used these languages less as I studied statistics and programming languages.

-Peter R. Abraldes

25 October 2018


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