Other Articles & Essays

This page is a list of relevant articles and essays in reverse chronological order.  Sometimes they reflect perspectives in contrast to my own.

June 2018

French farmers block refineries over palm oil imports“. 11 June 2018. France 24.

Political Risk Analysis: What’s Ahead for Mexico?“. 11 June 2018. Nathaniel Parish Flannery. Forbes.

Sacrificing good government to lead the flock“. 10 June 2018. Rich Moniak. JuneauEmpire.com.

Doug Ford was won Ontario’s election. What happens now? A guide.” 8 June 2018. The Globe and Mail.

Election shake-ups will make NAFTA more elusive“. 5 June 2018. Gina Chon. Nasdaq.com

May 2018

La inversión extranjera inunda el Pacífico colombiano“. 30 May 2018. Edwar Calderón. Democracia Abierta.

Las enseñanzas del olvidado default de los Estados Unidos“. 21 May 2018. Sebastián Edwards. Project Syndicate.

Light frosts seen in Brazil’s corn areas; drought persists in cane belt“. 21 May 2018. Reuters.

How to increase intra-Africa trade“. 18 May 2018. Francis Mangeni. Zambia Daily Mail.

NAFTA uncertainty is hurting rural America – here’s why the deal must be preserved“. 17 May 2018. Sandy Kennedy. Business Insider.

Counting the Costs of T’s Iran Policy“. 10 May 2018. Ana Palacio. Project Syndicate.

Denuclearization Means the US, Too“. 7 May 2018. Jeffrey D. Sachs. Project Syndicate.

Does speaking Portuguese isolate Brazil from the rest of Latin America?” 5 May 2018. Maria Martha Bruno. The Brazilian Report.

April 2018

NAFTA or no, UM models show state can withstand a shock from international trade‘”. 13 April 2018.  Stateside Staff. Michigan Radio.

Brazil calls for Jordan to join Mercosur“. April 4, 2018. The Jordan Times.

Why Brexit is shaping up to be a bad deal for Irsih poultry producers.
April 3, 2018. Eoin McCarthy. The Poultry Site.

March 2018

To Overcome Shortage, Brazil Seeks Approval to Import U.S. Corn“. 29 March 2018. Luis Vieira. Agriculture.com.

February 2018

Cyril Ramaphosa takes helm in South Africa after Jacob Zuma quits“. 16 February 2018. The Weekend Australian.

November 2017

Minerva expects Brazil to resume beef exports to U.S. in first quarter“. 28 November 2017. Ana Mano. Reuters.

Shifting trade winds leave farmers shivering; Ag groups worried about financial impact“. 25 November 2017. Dan Linehan. Mankato Free Press.

After ‘sabotage,’ big demands and flirting with China, how is trade under Trudeau shaping up?” 23 November 2017. Marie-Danielle Smith. The National Post.

Senators sound alarm, want ag-cost analysis for any changes to NAFTA“. 22 November 2017. Erica Hunzinger. KUNC, Community Radio for Northern Colorado.

A Belt and Road for the Americas?” 23 November 2017. Luid Alberto Moreno. Syndicate.com.

Setor agropecuário amplia exportações em 150%“. 19 November 2017. Tribuna do Norte.

October 2017


September 2017

Arizona companies invest in cross-border aerospace industry despite NAFTA turbulence“. 8 September 2017. Rodrigo Cervantes.

Canada to decide on potential free trade agreement with China this fall, with Asia seen as counterpoint to NAFTA renegotiation.” 6 September 2017. Marie-Danielle Smith.
The National Post.

August 2017

DT’s Threat Makes Pence’s South America Trip More Daunting“. 15 August 2017. Cynthia Arnson. Wilson Center.

Why scrapping Chapter 19 is likely a red line in NAFTA talks“. 11 August 2017. Ian Vandaelle. Business News Network.

July 2017

Mercosur Looks Beyond Itself“. 21 July 2017. Stratfor.com.

The phony war against trade has real casualties“. 11 July 2017. Froma Harrop. Seattle Times.

USDA decision a blow to Brazil“. 1 July 2017. FarmingLife.com.

LatAm trade bloc broadens its horizons“. 1 July 2017. Mexico News Daily.

June 2017

Jim Chanos: U.S. Economy is Worse Than You Think“. 30 June 2017. Lynn Parramore.
Institute for New Economic Thinking.

U.S. Wheat Organizations Share Positions on NAFTA with USTR“. 28 June 2017. Farm Journal’s AG Pro.

Another Lesson from Japan“. 26 June 2017. Stephen S. Roach. Project Syndicate.

Premier Brad Wall heads to Montana to talk free trade with western state governors“. 25 June 2017. Mitchell Blair. 620 CKRM – The Source (Saskatchewan).

May 2017


April 2017

Reshaping NAFTA Could Benefit Mexico, Brazil and Argentina”. 18 April 2017. Cecilia Tortajada.  U.S. News.

Talking Policy: Olivia Newman on Liberalism”. 14 April 2017. Nicholas Cappetta. World Policy Blog.

Predicting a South American Pivot to Europe, China”. 12 April 2017. Alexander Busch. Handelsblatt Global.

March 2017

Partidos e produtores europeus pedem suspensão de carne brasileira”. 19 March 2017. Jornal do Comércio.

Trade Minister in push for Pacific Alliance traddeal to replace TPP”. 18 March 2017. Primrose Riordan. The Australian.

Asia-Pacific countries seek path to fill TPP vacuum”. 16 March 2017. Khmer Time

February 2017

Mexico is moving forward on a plan to hit U.S. Farmers where it hurts”. 17 February 2017. Fortune

Mexico bracing for possible demise of Nafta, while Canada is ‘cautiously optimistic’”.17 February 2017. The Straights Times.

[DT]’s beef with NAFTA could affect ranching industry”. 16 February 2017. Omar Mosleh. Fort Saskatchewan Record.

Why the US-Colombia Trade Agreement has not Been Attacked”. 13 February 2017. Frontera News.

Merkel celebra el avance hacia un pacto — UE-Mercosur”. 5 February 2017. Eleena Tovar. Mundo Agua y Saneamiento.

Will Mexico Say Adios to NAFTA?”. 3 February 2017. Andrés Lajous. The American Prospect.

[DT] Left the Door Wide Open for China to Boost its Position in ‘US Backyard’”. 3 February 2017. SputnikNews.com.

U.S. and Mexico appear to take first steps toward renegotiating NAFTA, document suggests”. 1 February 2017. Ana Swanson. The Washington Post.

January 2017

Editorial: Texas congressmen must defend NAFTA”. 31 January 2017. Tyler Morning Telegraph. Longview News-Journal.

Bagaço como fonte de minerais”. 31 January 2017. Journal da Unicamp.

Mexico earmarks $50 million to back migrants in US”. 31 January 2017. The Daily Republic.

[DT] puts U.S. food, farm companies on edge over Mexico trade”. 31 January 2017. Tom Polansek and Mark Weinraub. Reuters.

Texas on front lines of NAFTA negotiations”.28 January 2017. PBS NewsHour.

Gloom Descends on Mexico’s Nafta Capital”. 26 January 2017. Robbie Whelan. The Wall Street Journal.

IMF revises upwards Peru 2017 growth forecast”. 23 January 2017. Andina.com.

Mexico names new ambassador to United States”. 13 January 2017. Las Cruces Sun-News.

How Mexico is Bracing Itself for [DT]’s Presidency”. 10 January 2017. Ioan Grillo. Time.

No Car is Completely Made in America”. 6 January 2017. Arthur Delaney. The Huffington Post.

The Coming Tech Backlash”. 4 January 2017. Ross Mayfield.  LinkedIn.

The protectionist trade fallacies of America First”. 4 January 2017. Financial Times.

December 2016

Colônias do interior falam idioma que não existe mais nem em outros países”. 31 December 2016. Etelita Hass Carazzai. Folha de São Paulo.

2017 Annual Forecast”. 27 December 2016. Stratfor.

North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy”. 22 December 2016. Andrew Reynolds. The News & Observer.

Argentina continúa agresión contra Venezuela en el Mercosur”. 14 December 2016. Telesurtv.net.

Latin America’s deepening relationship with China speaks of a new world order”. 14 December 2016. Andrés Serbin. The Christian Science Monitor.

Will [DT] get [DT]’d?”. 13 December 2016. Project Syndicate.

Toward a Rust Belt Powerhouse”. 13 December 2016. Jim O’Neill. Project Syndicate.

[DT] and China force Japan to embrace new partners”. 12 December 2016. Cameron Stewart. The Australian.

Kansas agriculture looks to [DT] for deregulation, but anti-trade talk causes anxiety”. 10 December 2016. Justin Wingerter. The Topeka Capital-Journal.

The Future of the 14 Free Trade Agreements American has under [DT]”. 7 December 2017. Richie Santosdiaz. Forbes.

Tender: Procurement Begins for Large-Scale Bolivia Hydro”. 9 December 2016. Harris Gomez Geoup, Mondaq.com.

Biden Hails Trudeau, Merkel as Last Liberal Leaders Standing”. 9 December 2016. Josh Wingrove. Bloomberg.

Don’t Cry Over Dead Trade Agreements”. 8 December 2016. Dani Rodrik. Project Syndicate.

Wal-Mart to invest $1.3B in Mexico”. 8 December 2016. Rafael Bernal. The Hill.

Hamburg Sud deal likely to force Maersk sale of Brazilian subsidiary”. 7 December 2016. Rob Ward. Joc.com.

Conheça o Café Campeão da Cup of Excellence”. 7 December 2016. ApexBrasil.

The Future of the 14 Free Trade Agreements American has under [DT]”. 7 December 2016. Forbes.

Goodbye to the West”. 5 December 2016. Joschka Fischer. Project Syndicate.

How does [DT]’s Pledge to Destroy NAFTA affect Agriculture?”.  5 December 2016.  Dan Nosowitz. Modern Farmer.

November 2016

Tilting at Sawmills: America’s Shameful Approach to the Softwood Lumber Dispute with Canada”. 29 November 2016. Dan Ikenson. Forbes.

Brazil’s three southern states escape the worst ravages of the recession: The region’s luck starts with climate and geography”. 26 November 2016. The Economist.

U.S. industry seeks duties on Canadian lumber, reignites dispute”. 25 November 2016. Reuters.

U.S. Foreign Policy Implications of a Trump Presidency”. 17 November 2016. STRATFORvideo.

Mexico Lifts Rates Amid Peso’s Fall, Trump’s Rise”. 17 November 2016. Robbie Whelan. Wall Street Journal.

Maize, cotton, cane turn cereal killers in Karnataka”. 7 November 2016. Vishwanath Kulkarni. The Hindu Business Line.

October 2016

Trans-Pacific Partnership boosts Tennessee exports, U.S. official says”. 28 October 2016. Jamie McGee and Michael Collins. The Tennessean.

September 2016

Gaining Followers: The Internet and Cold War-Style Propaganda in the Former Soviet Republic”. September 2016. Anne Vandermey. Wilson Quarterly.

Russia targets Argentina and Mercosur neighbors to plus good gap”. 29 September 2016. Bob Ward. Joc.com.

Treasury yields edge higher as oil surges on potential OPEC output cut”. 28 September 2016. Joseph Adinolfi. Market Watch.

Grocery Prices are Plunging”. 27 September 2016. Craig Giammona. Bloomberg.

At White House, Kasich stumps for Obama trade deal, takes dig at [DT]”. 16 September 2016. Deirdre Shesgreen. Cininnati.com.

Rural Jobs expand at less than half the rate of metro job creation”. 6 September 2016. Bill Bishop. Daily Yonder.

August 2016

Lebanon to resume cattle and beef imports from Paraná”.31 August 2016. Sérgio Kakitani. Brazil-Arab News Agency.

Trade and Prosperity in the States: The Case of Michigan”. Tori Whiting. 16 August 2016. The Heritage Foundation.

Latest Alicewab Mercosul data shows big fall in Argentinian steel exports”. Felipe Peroni. 12 August 2016. SteelFirst.

The Hidden Costs of a Possible U.S.-Mexico Trade War”. 5 August 2016. Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

Mexican minister visits Cleveland to ‘set the record straight’ on NAFTA and other trade agreements”. Jay Miller. 2 August 2016. Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Trade and Prosperity in the States: The Case of Iowa”. 1 August 2016. Bryan Riley. The Hertigage Foundation.

July 2016

Promoting Free Trade in Agriculture”. Scott Lincicome. 11 July 2016. The Heritage Foundation.

June 2016

The three amigos and two spectres: NAFTA’s glory days may be over”. 25 June 2016. The Economist.

Britain Declares Independence: The Tories should now strive to make the U.K. a pro-growth model”. June 24 2016. The Wall Street Journal.

Mercosur estudia apertura de mercado de Uruguay con China”. Miguel Galvis. 24 June 2016. Latin Correspondent.

Brexit and the long, wistful dream of a ‘North American Union’”. 22 June 2016. Adam Taylor. The Washington Post.

Pebble Mine: Canadian Mining Company Threatens to Stick U.S. Taypayers with Costs of ‘Potentially Catastrophic’ Mining Scheme”. 13 June 2016. The Huffington Post.

Namibia opens up trade with MERCOSUR countries”. 10 June 2016. All Africa.

Do Trade Agreements Foreclose Progressive Policy?”. 1 June 2015. Arthur Macewan. Dollars & Sense.

May 2016

Contra proposta de reajuste, professores da Unicamp decidem por paralisação”. 25 May 2016. Repórter Diário.

Mexican officials take steps to counter ‘the Trump emergency’”. 24 May 2015. Kirk Semple.

April 2016

March 2016

La matrícula de vehículos única del Mercosur entra en vigor en Argentina”. 2 April 2016. Mario Mendoza. Equilibrio Informativo.

$75 a day vs. $75,000 a year: How we lost jobs to Mexico”. 31 March 2016. Patrick Gillespie. CNN Money.

Native American Tribe Gets Federal Funds to Flee Rising Seas”. David Hasemyer. 22 March 2016. Daily Yonder.

Don’t Step in Trump’s Trade and Manufacturing Indiscretions”. 18 March 2016. Daniel J. Ikenson. The Cato Institute.

Para diplomata da UE, troca de ofertas com Mercosul em abril é meta realista”. 15 March 2016. International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development.

“¿Quién se ha llevado mi trigo?”. 14 March 2016. Observatorio Económico de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario.

EU exit could cost UK’s livestock farmers £330m, says Prime Minister”. 12 March 2016. Philip Case. Farmers Weekly.

Costa Rica’s rice growers latest to speak out against Pacific Alliance”. 11 March 2016. Timothy Williams. The Costa Rica Star.

What wages really look like in American manufacturing”. 7 March 2016. Jacob Bogage. The Washington Post.

Do We Need to ‘Rebuild the Military’?”. 6 March 2016. Ron Paul. Ron Paul Institute.

Malcorra sides with Lula da Silva, ‘hard to believe what he’s going through’”. 5 March 2016. MercoPress.

Uruguay: Farmland Investment in Uruguay”. 2 March 2016. Fischer & Schickendantz. Mondaq.com.

February 2016

NAFTA track record successful, US Grains Council panelists say”. 29 February 2016. Dave Bergmeier. High Plains / Midwest AG Journal.

Kazakhstan joins EAEU Free Trade Agreement”. 25 February 2016. Economy Watch.

Hollande afirmó que habrá novedades pronto en torno a negociaciones entre el Mercosur y la UE”. 24 February 2016. Tele Doce.

Invest in Mexico’s Growth”. 19 February 2016. Carl Delfeld. Wall Street Daily.

Brexit and the Special Relationship”.15 February 2016. Richard N. Haass. Project Syndicate.

What’s Ailing Brazil?”. 15 February 2016. Otaviano Canuto. Project Syndicate.

Paraguay and Argentina vow to review Yacyretá Treaty”. 13 February 2016. Buenos Aires Herald.

The Trade Numbers Game”. 10 February 2016. Dani Rodrik. Project Syndicate.

Trans-Pacific Partnership would benefit multinational corporations at citizens’ expense, says Pingree”. 4 February 2016. Chellie Pingree. Portland Press Herald.

Rough rice exports key to future for U.S. rice farmers?”.  3 February 2016. Dwight Roberts. Delta Farm Press.

Mexico Remittances Nearly $24.8B in 2015, Topping Oil Income”. 2 February 2016. The Associated Press. ABC News.

January 2016

Emerging-Market Bond Investors Head to Mexico”. 31 January 2016. Julie Wernau. Nasdaq.com.

EU Urged to Address Low Beef Farmer Income”. 27 January 2016. The Cattle Site.

Philadelphia, South Florida among Emerging Logistics Hubs for the Next Decade”. 25 January 2016 CBRE. Urban Land.

Mexico can be Qatar’s partner in diversification”. 24 January 2016. The Peninsula Qatar.

Crowdfunding at the border: Communities search for new ways to fund border infrastructure”. 22 January 2016. Sandra Dibble. The San Diego Union-Tribune.

U.S.: The sole superpower”. 22 January 2016. Louis A. Delvoie. The Whig.

Crossing the Mountain: From Appalachia to Carpathia”. 22 January 2016. Tom Hansell. The Daily Yonder.

Inequality Hits Davos”. 22 January 2016. Winnie Byanyima. Project Syndicate.

Muçulmana é expulsa de comício do republicano Donald Trump”. 9 January 2016. Bem Paraná.

Balança comercial de 2015 tem maior superávit desde 2011”. 5 January 2016. Apex Brasil.

Eastern passages: Worth the paper it’s printed on?”. 4 January 2016. Russell Wangersky. Journal Pioneer.

December 2015

Venezuela asks LatAm countries to ‘control’ resources”. 29 December 2015. Kallanish Energy.

Road to free trade agreement vote just keeps getting longer”. 26 December 2015. Jim Spencer. Star Tribune.

The Perils of Fed Gradualism”. 23 December 2015. Stephen S. Roach. Project Syndicate.

Miles de evacuados en el norte argentino”. 21 December 2015. La crónica.

China’s Renminbi Declines After Being Named a Global Currency, Posing Challenges”. 18 December 2015. Keith Bradscher. New York Times.

2015: A Year in Review on Trade and the Environment”. 17 December 2015. Ilana Soloman. Huffington Post.

Keeping Tucson Together: How Tucson friends and neighbors are keeping undocumented families together and fighting a broken immigration system”. 17 December 2015. Linda Ray. Tucson Weekely.

Brazil’s foreign policy and the changing global order”. 16 December 2015. Carlos Milani. Turkish Weekly.

How the Fed Just Reduced Inequality”. 16 December 2015. Alexander Friedman. Project Syndicate.

Stiglitz’s Sticky Prices”. 15 December 2015. Kaushik Basu. Project Syndicate

<“Fed Rate Hike Won’t Doom Latin America”. 15 December 2015. Alejandro Rebossio. Bloomberg View.

Trade policy: World racing ahead, Bangladesh standing still”. 14 December 2015. Sharjil Haque. The Daily Star.

Beef and Pork Country-of-Origin Labeling Laws: WTO Favors Canada, Mexico Over U.S.”. 14 December 2015. Clinton Alexander.
The New American.

Moody’s America Latina reviews for downgrade BDMG’s, Fomento Parana’s and Desenvolve SP’s supported ratings”. 10 December 2015.
Moody’s Investors Service.

The Evolution of Work”. 9 December 2015. Dani Rodrik. Project Syndicate.

The Battle for Britain”. 8 December 2015. Philippe Legrain. Project Syndicate.

Hybrid rice plantings could expand significantly in coming years”. 8 December 2015. Delta Farm Press.

Beef factories warn of ‘damaging’ new trade deal”. 3 December 2015. Ciaran Moran. AgriLand (Ireland).

Manitoba, Mexico launch trading partnership based at CentrePort: Investment consortium to help Mexican companies access North American markets”. 1 December 2015. CBC News Manitoba.

November 2015

Latin Americans celebrate putting brakes on a neo-liberal agenda”. 30 November 2015. Emile Schepers. People’s World.

Preseving the Ottoman Mosaic”. 30 November 2015. Carl Bildt. Project Syndicate.

6 Emerging Market Events to Watch in December”. 27 November 2015. Barron’s.

MERCOSUR presentó el libro ‘A 40 años del Cóndor’ que dedica un capítulo a Venezuela”. 26 November 2015. Hoy Venezuela.

The Import of Exports”. 26 November 2015. Ricardo Hausmann. Project Syndicate.
Brazil and Chile Sign Investment Cooperation Agreement”. 24 November 2015. Lise Alves. The Rio Times.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and India’s Trade Strategy”. 1 November 2015. Vivek Dehejia.  Mint On Sunday.

October 2015

Politics of Modelling Trade Agreements: plus ça change”. 31 October 2015. Gabriel Siles-Brügge. The Cato Institute.

The Fraught Politics of the TPP”. 31 October 2015. Koichi Hamada. Project Syndicate.

Race, Class, and Improbable Economics at the New York Times”. 30 October 2015. Rob Urie. Counter Punch.

Resurrecting Glass-Steagall”. 29 October 2015. Simon Johnson. Project Syndicate.

The Business End of the Republic Debate”. 27 October 2015. Andrew Bragg. The Huffington Post.

Government Made Our Middle Class”. 26 October 2015. Harlan Green. The Huffington Post.

U.S. feed grains exports approach record levels”. 24 October 2015. Crop Protection News.

U.S Sugar Industry Wins Fight over Restrictions on Mexican Imports”. 22 October 2015. Jim Spencer. Star Tribune.

Education Can’t Save Us from Free Trade”. 18 October 2015. John H. Dunn. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Huge Growth Coming to Guam”. 15 October 2015. Edward Lynch. Guam Pacific Daily News.

Rothbard on Economic Ignorance”. 13 October 2015. Matt McCaffery. Mises Institute.

United States, 11 Pacific Rim Countries reach Trade Deal”. 6 October 2015. Paul Wiseman and Christopher S. Rugaber. The Review.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: U.S. and 11 other nations reach agreement on controversial free-trade pact”. 5 October 2015.

September 2015

Port of Paranaguá soybean exports increase”. 28 September 2015. World-Grain.com.

As China’s Economy Falters, Southeast Asia Attracts Dealmakers”. 28 September 2015. Keith Button. The Middle Market.com.

Greve de fiscais agropecuários retém 7 mil contêineres em Santos”. 24 September 2015. PorkWorld.com.br.

Border dispute worsens”. 24 September 2015. Bert Wilkinson. Caribbean Life News.

Japan has little room left to compromise on TPP deal – Amari”. 21 September 2015. Alex Crown. Lidtime.com

The two Mexicos: with its combination of modernity and poverty, Mexico provides lessons for all emerging markets”. 19 September 2015. The Economist.

Only the top-end-of-town in the US have seen real income gains since 1999”. 17 September 2015. Bill Mitchell.

Softwood lumber deal set to expire“. 15 September 2015. Nelson Bennett. PrinceGeorgeCitizen.com.

Economists v. Economics”. 10 September 2015. Dani Rodrik. Project Syndicate.

California Steps Back from Strict ‘Made in USA’ Label Requirements”. 8 September 2015. James L. Sawyer and Mollie D. Sitkoski. The National Law Review.

Argentina warns Brazil to refrain from fostering free navigation of Argentina rivers”. 7 September 2015. Guillermo Háskel. Buenos Aires Herald.

Inflation, the Fed, and the Big Picture”. 3 September 2015. Carmen Reinhart. Project Syndicate.

Mexico Throws a Wrench into Trade Talks: The nation is opposed to granting Japan concessions on autos”. 3 September 2015. Carter Dougherty. Bloomberg.

Puerto Rico in Crisis”. 2 September 2015. Anne Krueger. Project Syndicate.

Wholesale markets’ future in focus at 29th WUWM congress”. 1 September 2015. Michael Barker. FruitNet.com.

August 2015

US, Mexico Open First New Rail Link in Century”. 27 August 2015. Andre F. Puglie. Latin Post.

A 21st-Century Migrant’s Essentials: Food, Shelter, Smartphone”. 26 August 2015. Matthew Brunwasser. The New York Times.

“How regional trade agreements can spark a fight over Feta cheese”. 25 August 2015. Alan Wolff. Fortune.com.

Grim business conditions for steel reflected in U.S. Steel’s accouncement to permanently close Alabama facilities”. 21 August 2015. Trefis.com.

Canada puts global trade deal at risk to defend family dairies”. 20 August 2015. Alan Bjerga. Bloomberg Business.

On Secular Stagnation: A Response to Bernanke”. 15 August 2015. Larry Summers.  LarrySummers.com.

People in U.S., Latin America approve of renewing U.S. ties with Cuba”. 14 August 2015. Jacob Poushter. Pew Research Center.

Back to Fundamentals in Emerging Markets”. 13 August 2015. Dani Rodrik. Project Syndicate.

What the United States owes Puerto Rico”. 13 August 2015. Joseph E. Stiglitz and Mark Medish. The Wall Street Journal.

Agenda Brasil – da redação”. 12 August 2015. O Senado Federal do Brasil – Senado Notícias.

It’s Last Stop, South Dakota for Keystone XL Pipeline”. 12 August 2015. Tina Casey. Clean Technica.

“Paraná State, Brazil: Sawnwood exports grew 16.7% in 1H 2015”. 10 August 2015. United Information Systems, LLC.

Economics in the Rear-View Mirror”. 6 August 2015. Irwin Collier. Institute for New Economic Thinking.

July 2015

Political Risk Analysis – No Major Trade Benefits from MERCOSUR Membership – Sept. 2015”. 31 July 2015. Latin American Monitor.

Puerto Rico in the Hurricane of America’s Economic Crisis”. 31 July 2015. Ariel Noyola Rodríguez. Global Research.

When water becomes a commodity, wars start”. 28 July 2015. Michael McCarthy. Vancouver Sun.

Brazilian President Launches Plan to End Youth Unemployment”. 28 July 2015. TeleSurTV.

Uruguay’s meat exports in almost seven months close to the billion dollars”. 27 July 2015. MercoPress.

The ‘Big Man’ Theory of Community Development”. Timothy Collins. 27 July 2015. The Daily Yonder.

Shares of Canadian National Railway Company (NYSE:CNI) Sees Large Inflow of New Money Flow”. Erick McKenzie. 23 July 2015. Money Flow Index.

The Asia-Pacific Challenge: China, Alliances and the Prisoner’s Dilemma”. Allan Behm. 23 July 2015. The National Interest.

Bolivia in the Mercosur: what are the real benefits?”. 17 July 2015. Gretel Ledo. International Democracy Watch.

Canadian engagement needed on dairy market access”. 16 July 2015. Jacqui Fatka. Feedstuffs.com.

Fighting the Russian and Chinese Community of Destiny: Did the US Try to Crash China’s Market because BRICS Launched the New Development Bank?”. 13 July 2015. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya. Global Research.

Mexico seeks new avenues to U.S. markets”. 11 July 2015. Kristen Mosbrucker. Valley Morning Star.

El gran éxito de la internacionalización de los huevos españoles: Estados Unidos”. 7 July 2015. Nuria Martínez Herráez. El Sitio Avicola.

Congress Approves Agreement between Brazil and the United States for the Automatic Exchange of Financial Information”. 3 July 2015. Ana Cláudia Akie Utumi. Mondaq.com.

June 2015

What is Full Employment?”. 29 June. 2015. Martin Feldstein. Project Syndicate.

Texas company to build pipeline to Mexico”. 23 June 2015. Vioki Vaughan. Fuel Fix.

New Round of Concessions of the Brazilian federal government – program for investment in logistics”. 15 June 2015. Antonio Felix de Araujo Cintra e Claudia Elena Bonelli. Mondaq.com.

Evo Morales: Bolivia se retirará del Mercosur si avanza acuerdo de libre comercio con la UE”.11 June 2015. Bilaterals.org.

Mersocur and Unasur member Venezuela bullying neighboring Guyana”. 10 June 2015. MercoPress.com.

In-Migration Peaks in Child-Raising Years”. 9 June 2015. Tim Marema. Daily Yonder.

The Quiet Financial Revolution Begins”. 8 June 2015. Mohamed A. El-Erian. Project Syndicate.

Emerging Markets Held Back by the Dollar and the Fed”. 3 June 2015. Shari Biediger.  USAA.com.

May 2015

IPA agropecuário cai 1,51% e IPA industrial avança 1,01% em maio, diz FGV”. 28 May 2015. Repórter Diário.

Mapping the Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a 2-Bedroom Apartment in Every U.S. State”. 27 May 2015. Tanvi Misra. CityLab.com.

Senate Ag Committee reauthorizes grain standards act”. 26 May 2015. Mikkel Pates. The Dickinson Press.

Embajador argentino dijo que rechazan aspectos arancelarios del acuerdo Mercosur – Unión Europea”. 25 May 2015. Radio Monte Carlo.

North American Energy Ministers Establish New Continental Climate Change and Energy Collaboration”. 25 May 2015. GreenTechMedia.com.

Peso devaluation is low for region”. 25 May 2015. Buenos Aires Herald.

How ‘Mathiness’ Made Me Jaded About Economics”. 22 May 2015. Noah Smith. Bloomberg View.

VAT-MAN RETURNS – Impacts On The Maquiladora Industry Began Jan. 1, 2015”.18 May 2015. Eugenio Grageda Núñez. Mondaq.com.

Free trade with Canada eyed”. Othel V. Campos. 5 May 2015. Manila Standard Today.

The cornerstone of Obama’s trade policy isn’t only about economics”. Robert J. Samuelson. 4 May 2015. The Washington Post.

Missouri farmers concerned over agriculture’s future”. Ray Scherer. 1 May 2015. Belleville News-Democrat (Missouri).

April 2015

US, Japan strengthen their alliance”. Steve Limtiaco. 30 April 2015. Guampdn.com.

Trade Agreements Still Face Hurdles”. Daniel Looker. 29 April 2015. Agriculture.com.

Preços dos produtos agropecuários sobem 1,27% em abril, diz FGV”. 29 April 2015. ParanáOnline.com.

Government grants China and Russia many concessions”. Dante Sica.         26 April 2015.  Buenos Aires Herald.

Argentine economy picking up boosted by agriculture; manufacturing continues downfall”. 25 April 2015. MercoPress.

Film focuses on U.S. economic policies that cause Latin American poverty”. Norman Jameson. 13 April 2015. Baptist News Global.

Preços agropecuários subiram 2,10% em março, informa a FGV”. 8 April 2015. Diario de Pernambuco.

U.S. sugar’s win in Mexico. Mikkel Pates. 6 April 2015. West Central Tribune.

Booming economy can’t help iron ore, steel. John Myers. 6 April 2015. Duluth News Tribune.

March 2015

Colombia eyes Jafza investment in diversification push”. 30 March 2015. ArabianSupplyChain.com.

Decree Internalizes New Additional Protocol of Automotive Agreement between Brazil and Mexico”. Vera Kanas and Carolina Müller. 30 March 2015. Mondaq.com.

Why the Sustainable Development Goals Matter”. Jeffrey D. Sachs. 30 March 2015. Project Syndicate.

Manzanas y peras: Brasil reclama el ingreso de inspectores”. 26 March 2015. Urgente24.com.

Canada top market for U.S. high-value agricultural exports”. Mihai Lupescu. 25 March 2015. Basin Business Journal.

Bilcon seeks US $300m after win in quarry dispute”. Paul McLeod. 20 March 2015. The Chronicle Herald (Halifax).

U.S. opens probe into Canadian paper mill subsidies”. 20 March 2015. Portland Press Herald.

How the Common Market of the South and the Eurasian Union defy the United States and the hegemony of the dollar”. Ariel Noyola Rodríguez. 20 March 2015. Voltairenet.org.

The Messy Politics of Economic Divergence”. Mohamed A. El-Erian. 16 March 2015. Project Syndicate.

Texas View: Border politics need to step aside”. 15 March 2015. OA Online.com.

How deep is their love? The Pacific Alliance is a great brand in search of a shared product”. 14 March 2015. The Economist.

Oil giants win $17M from Ottawa under NAFTA”. Les Whittington. 13 March 2015. The Toronto Star.

Uruguay looks to Paraguay in support of a more open and dynamic Mercosur”. 13 March 2015. MercoPress.com

Paraguay es destinatario del 72% de créditos de BNDES en Mercosur”. 13 March 2015. ABC Color Paraguay.

With veto, it’s time for the NAFTA option”. Todd Weiler. 2 March 2015. The Globe and Mail.

February 2015

Biogas from waste feedstocks at lease 10 x less GHG emissions than from crops”. Ben Messenger. 27 February 2015. WasteManagement-World.com.

Emerging Economies’ Demographic Challenge”. Martin Neil Baily and Jaana Remes. 26 February 2015. Project Syndicate.

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Oregon agriculture has benefited from NAFTA“. 17 November 2013. The Argus Observer.

U.S. may shift focus to strenghtening institutions in Mexico“. Alfredo Corchado. 16 November 2013. The Dallas Morning News.

Mercosul apresentará proposta conjunta para TLC com UE, diz Mujica“. 15 November 2013. Zero Hora.

Another way to explain who we are: The 15 types of communities that make up America“. Reid Wilson. 12 November 2013.  The Washington Post.

The Energy Picture, Then and Now“. Michael Totty. 12 November 2013. The Wall Street Journal.

Q&A: Brazilian farmer to halve corn acres. Luis Vieira. 11 November 2013. Agriculture.com.

A recycled future“. José Pedro Martins.  4 November 2013. Latinamerica Press. .

LatAm lacks in energy integration“. Marianela Jorroud. 2 November 2013. Buenos Aires Herald.

Can San Diego learn to love trade?“. Dan McSwain. 2 November 2013. U-T San Diego.

October 2013

Revitalization of the Tie-Up Among NAFTA Countries is Urged“. Jonathan Horn. 30 October 2013. U-T San Diego.

When Blocs Collide“. José Luis Machinea. 22 October 2013. Project Syndicate.

ArborGen Launches Brazilian Eucalyptus Seedling Business“. 22 October 2013. MarketWatch: The Wall Street Journal.  Freeze Tolerant Eucalyptus.

Jean Charest ‘very happy’ about Canada-European Union trade deal“. 18 October 2013. The Montreal Gazette.

Egypt clears beef imports from Paraná“. Isaura Daniel. Brazil-Arab News Agency.

Paraguay’s Cartes vetoes grain export tax“. UPI News. 17 October 2013.

Free Trade Agreements: The Bypassing of Democracy to Institute Economic Plunder“. Colin Todhunter. Global Research, Centre for Research on Globalization. 14 October 2013.

Transformation Plan: Luiz Alberto Kuster, CEO of ABV, shares his vision for turning São Paulo’s Campinas Viracopos airport into the leading gateway in the region“. Routes News 2013, Issue 6. “Sugar Low is $300 Million Aid Headache for U.S. Taxpayers (1)“. Alan Bjerga and Marvin G. Perez. Bloomberg News. 9 October 2013.

Why North America needs an energy free trade zone“. Merrill Matthews.   Dallas News. 9 October 2013.

Conab continuará vendendo milho a preço subsidiado“. Rural Pecuária.                9 Outubro 2013.

Our Opinion: Cheaper imports haven’t delivered promised growth“. Morning Sentinel. 9 October 2013.

Protectionist Policies Stagnate Mercosur Countries“. Juan de Onis.  World Affairs. 7 October 2013.

Suit against Quebec fracking ban show perils of free trade deals, say critics“. Beltrame, Julian. Edmonton Journal: The Canadian Press. 3 October 2013.

Drive! Moving Tennessee’s Automotive Sector Up the Value Chain“. Mark Muro, Scott Andes, Kenan Fikri, Martha Ross, Jessica Lee, Neil Ruiz, and Nick Marchio. Brookings Advanced Industries Series. Metropolitan Policy Program. The Brookings Institution. 4 October 2013.

Weddin Shire farms under threat of foreign ownership?” The Grenfell Record. 4 October 2013.

Caída de los granos en Chicago“. El Sitio Avícola. 1 October 2013.

Nuevo récord en relación de precios de pollo vivo y maíz“. El Sitio Avícola. 1 October 2013.

Pelos Caminhos de Desenvolvimento de Goiás“* Macedo, Cleomar Teles e Campos, Paulo Borges Jr. Data não conhecida.  *artigo não é de uma fonte de notícias mas é um projeto feito por uma faculdade goiana.

September 2013

Nafta Surfance Trade Grows 6.8%“. Transport Topics. 30 September 2013.

How Mexico is Becoming an Economic Powerhouse and Immigrant Destination“. Hardzinski, Brian. Public Radio Tulsa.  University of Tulsa (Oklahoma). 27 September 2013.

Icetex: Estalló la burbuja“. Sebastián López, Juan M. Elespectador.com.            25 September 2013.

La avicultura colombiana frente a los Tratados de Libre Comercio” Wright, Chris. El Sitio Avícola. 17 September 2013.

‘If Brazil devalues, Uruguay will follow’, President Mujica tells farmers“. MercoPress: South Atlantic News Agency. 11 September 2013.

Brazil Increases Purchases of Kansas Wheat“. Wisconsin AgConnection. 13 September 2013.

Brazil’s Cattalini to boost terminal capacity at Paranaguá port by 80%“.      Bland, Daniel.  Business News Americas. 9 September 2013.

Vamol looks to gain market share in Arab countries“. Brazil-Arab News Agency. 2 September 2013.

August 2013

Mexico: Energy reform plan leavse state as sole owner of oil reserves“. GlobalPost. 24 August 2013.e.“““”. ”.”.”.


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