Social Commentary about Today

Fortunately today I found out I have another month to produce this final, so I will write something regarding the Boston Marathon.  However, I do not want to write directly about the event, I want to talk about the effects that these events have on our country.

(Social Commentary not Economic)

When the Sandy Hook event occurred, it was kind of prohibited to express certain ideas or opinions about what actually happened.  The same thing happened after September 11.  A few of the early opinions became fact, crowding out all other theories that could have explained the tragedies.

This happens because “thinking” is an act that requires energy.  All day thoughts can go through your mind, but you need to be disciplined in order to develop them.  When events like these occur, the prevalent reaction is grief or fear (or indifference).  Unfortunately, none of these are really conducive for rational thinking.

The worst part is the one that follows.  It is easy to forfeit “rights” to someone who protects you.  Why do people give up personal liberties in order to feel secure?  1) It is inefficient to live in a state of anarchy, 2) It requires effort to think about how to protect yourself, 3) error terms and misc. variables that I am not considering.

One of the giving up “rights” on the alter of higher government in the premise of “protection” is that you are assuming that your beliefs, goals, and thoughts coincide with those of your protector.  You also presume that the protector is rational and that they either 1) have a greater access to information (or maybe have perfect information) or 2) that they at least can more efficiently utilize data than you can.  What if one of these assumptions was wrong?


On occasion it is good to (re?) analyze (if we even think about) why we do some of the things that we do.  Sometimes the variables change, and sometimes the model is flawed. 


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