What is the appropriate length of a blog post?

Why do most blog posts only consist of a few paragraphs?  Does a blog post of this length really exhaust all analytical outlets of thought?  Or to the contrary, is a shorter blog post more effective precisely because it conveys a singular point before regurating itself?

Also, the blogger must keep in mind the audience they are trying to reach.  For example, if I wanted to write “for the general public”, I would have to write about topics broadly, without loosing myself in the details.  Likewise, if I wanted to write about something very specific, I would probably not have a large audience.

I think shorter blog posts can be effective, but I think it points to “an attention span deficiency”.  You should only post something that you are proud of.  Quality > Quantity.

My experiences in Argentina and at the law firm have pushed me to reanalyze the way I express myself in the written form.  Also, I think even if you are writing about a specific topic, it is important to incorporate ideas from many differente academic fields.  This is probably a result of the “liberal arts” educational foundation that I received at U.Pitt.

One of the most exciting parts about blogging is seeing you actually views my posts!  Since I began, these are the “views” I have received.



who sees my blog_24_01_2013


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