I have taken this opportunity to begin a blog.  I suppose that the first few weeks will be the real test as to see whether or not I can continue this “habit”.

I would like to begin talking about some of my past experiences over the past 8 months.  However, I will try to resume them, given that

a) They were essencially a refinement of earlier experiences; and

b) I anticipate many new developments will provide new opportunities for discussion.

Why make my thoughts public?

1) I have already been publically offering various thoughts of mine via Facebook for some time, even though this is not the appropriate forum for them, nor does the medium give you enough space to “fully develop” ideas.  As a caveat, these blogs are not meant to be in any means exhaustive of any of the discussed topics.

2) Ideas should be made public.  Often times good concepts are kept private in order to “patent” or claim ownership to them.  I am not saying that any of these are anything special, but rather this is a place to accumulate ideas.  These ideas can be used by others, or by myself in the future.  It can be useful to look back and criticize earlier viewpoints in the future.  Also, in general there are too many information assymetries in our society that cause countless stresses and problems.  The more of these assymetries can be eliminated or marginalized, the better.

3) This blog will help me better formulate my own thoughts.  I will be able to accumulate an electronic database of the materials I am using and of the key words involved in every blog.  When there are many posts, I will be able to quickly consult useful materials through a few clicks.  This is especially important for me, because often I cannot physically access a book or resource material (if abroad).  It is frustrating to have a recollection of an argument/thought, but not being able to identify from where it was from, (or in what language it was written in).

4) I will write posts in other languages if the primary source I am using is written in that language.  This is a means for me to practice skills which I need to improve and maintain constantly.  They will not be written perfectly, since I am not a professional blogger and I work a full-time job in combination with other part-time jobs.  Therefore, I appologize for any grammatical errors in advance!  However,   I will always include the English words as the “tab words” which will give most readers an idea of the content within each blog post regardless of the language used to write them.


Since March 2012 I have been enrolled in a masters program in Economics in the Universidad de San Andrés in San Fernando, Argentina (“close” to the capital of Buenos Aires).  In October, I put the program on a suspension for a multitude of reasons, and embarked on a journey from Buenos Aires to Brasília.


Basically, this trip confirmed a few notions that I already had.  I also learned new things that will help me in my next few steps.


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